Homes are sometimes sold in an “as-is” condition, which means the closing institution doesn’t make any major repairs. But a good real estate professional knows that it is still necessary to clean out the property prior to an open house and subsequent sale. 

Estate cleanouts are usually an unhappy time for the person responsible. The selling of someone’s estate can be caused by a loved one’s passing, downsizing due to financial burden, or another major life event.

Is the estate filled with trash or debris? Are there items of value? Don’t get caught up in the hodgepodge of it all. This can be a simpler task than what you think.

When an estate sale is needed, most people do not know where to turn.
The average American homeowner’s house is about 2,500 square feet, and the average estate cleanout ranges anywhere from 150 to 200 man hours to complete. Don’t forget: your time is valuable.

Consider the time you are dedicating to the estate cleanout when reviewing the extra cost. Are you able to take off work? Make sure you have the time to commit to this project before getting started.

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